´╗┐Primary Care for the Elderly at Home

Every phase of life is special. In the third age this is not very different, because now, some peculiarities require a little more attention. In that sense, some care with the elderly at home is critical to providing a better and healthier routine for people who are in this phase of life.

Follow the reading and discover the most important care that should be taken by a service of home health care for seniors to ensure the elderly a full life, with health and well-being. Check out!

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises that care with the elderly should be considered in the bio-psychosocial aspect. That is, in the aging phase there are physical and psychological changes, whose specificities need to be accompanied to ensure a better quality of life for the elderly. Therefore, providing a good company in your home and guaranteeing a care service with a maximum degree of excellence is not a family courtesy but a law-abiding necessity.

Thus, with the elderly at home it is possible to closely monitor their physical and mental health condition, in addition to bringing benefits such as:

  • Assist in personal hygiene;
  • Give medication on time;
  • Monitor feeding times;
  • Perceive behavior changes;
  • Provide moments of leisure and interaction;
  • Enable personalized professional monitoring;
  • Provide care and attention of family members, when present.

See now the main adaptations necessary to adjust the dwelling according to the profile of the elderly. Check out:

Provide more comfort

At this age, both the cold and the heat bother you. Try to keep the temperature comfortable in all environments of the house.

Leave more space for locomotion

Adapt the furniture and fixtures and free up more space for the elderly to get around the house.

Secure an exclusive corner

Provide a resting chair or hammock in a nice place so he can rest or practice reading.

Avoid accidents

Remove rugs from slippery material and place bulkheads, such as handrails at strategic points in the house.

Keep the bathroom clean and dry

Involvement in accidents and falls of the elderly in bathrooms is very common. To minimize such situations, carefully monitor the condition of the bathroom and keep it clean and dry.

Have a specialist

Getting a trustworthy person to look after those who cared for us is not an easy task. Sometimes, to ensure the care and attention they deserve, it is best to hire a qualified professional to assist them.

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