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We Are in Las Vegas for a Week

As usual I am pretty much the ringmaster of a circus. It is my job to make sure all of the clowns stay out of the jaws of the lions and to be sure that the acrobats do not step in what the elephants left behind. At any rate the drama this week involves the lighting director, blonde escorts in las vegas and a credit card that apparently got liberated from one of the record label A&R guys. At least that is the story that is being told in about six different forms. Apparently when you have a record label credit card and you are wasted out of your ever loving mind, things can get a little crazy. Either there are more people involved or the lighting director has a great appetite for escorts. The bill ran into five figures, quite a bit above that in fact. The sense we are getting is that the guy from the record label woke up the next morning and when the label asked him if someone had stolen his credit card he said yes.

No one else is really saying much, but I get the gist of it like this. About half a dozen guys went out with the guy from the label, and his credit card. They apparently went to a strip club and decided that was not quite enough for them. If you have someone else paying the bill then why should you stop at one escort while you are at it. Then the guy sobered up and figured out that the label might want him to account for that sort of money, in a better way than he was really wasted and feeling overly generous to all of his friends. None of it is a big problem to me, I was not there.

The Mostbet app for Indian bettors is the reliable choice for betting!

Mostbet is the official mobile client of the bookmaker of the same name. The Android app allows you to bet on sports and find out game results in a timely manner.

Line in Mostbet

The app allows you to make real time predictions about upcoming sporting events or live matches. You can use it to bet on football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, badminton, table tennis, boxing and other sports similar to the Favorit app.

All the upcoming and current games are sorted into categories for easy navigation. You can use the country filters and the title search. Announcements are provided in the utility, which help you keep track of the exact start date and time of the games you are interested in.

How to bet via the Mostbet app

To use the Mostbet app you need to register by entering your email address and the number of your Russian mobile operator. You can make a deposit into your account only after passing the identification procedure.

To make a bet, you need to select the match with the suitable odds, enter the result, deposit the amount and confirm the withdrawal. You may add games to your favourites in order to follow the results.

Current and completed events are displayed in a separate tab. It is possible to view the history of the matches played, check the account balance, read the betting rules and other documents.


  • opportunity to bet on sports;
  • available announcements of live games;
  • search by name;
  • There are different themes design;
  • one-click betting is supported;
  • Autosave history of ongoing and completed matches;
  • the app can be downloaded for free;
  • compatible with current Android versions.

The mobile app of Mostbet bookmaker allows you to bet in both in-play and pre-match mode. In each of these two options, a bet made is immediately thrown into the betting slip where you can place a bet.  

The app helps you spend less Internet traffic and stay online wherever you are!

How a Branded Content Agency Can Help the Client Create a New Brand?

I recently set up a cosmetics company. I had the product, the manpower, and the space, but something was missing which was the company brand. I had a lot of market dominance but I didn't know how to create a brand from scratch. I did a lot of research on this and got in touch with some friends, and the best option I found was about hiring a branded content agency.I contacted the company and they gave me a series of steps to follow these steps were as follows: Research your target audience and your competitors:Search search engines for your product or service and analyze the direct and indirect competitors that appear.Talk to potential future customers and ask which brands they buy from in your space.Do it and get an idea of how your customers would browse and buy products. Choose your focus and personalityIt's important to find your focus and let it guide your brand. The best way to find your focus is to have a positioning statement, choose words that associate with your brand, and what metaphors relate to your brand. Choose your company nameAs a business owner, your business name is one of the first big commitments. This will include your brand logo, your domain, your marketing, and your trademark registration. choose a sloganA good slogan is very interesting because it will affect how people will see your brand and how they will associate the brand compared to competitors. Choose your brand lookAfter choosing a name, you will need to define your brand design, and how you will visually represent your brand, i.e. the font colors and fonts. Create your brand logo Apply your brand throughout your businessYou must make it clear to the company and the market why the company exists, how the company contributes to the world, and what motivated me to start my business. All these steps can be difficult for almost anyone starting a business and that's why the branded content agency can be very important.

Starting Your Own Online Jewelry Business

It is so important to fill the world with beauty and be able to find it in minutiae. Such little things as jewelry can cheer you up, decorate the routine of life, and please your loved one. Over the centuries, jewelry has been the most popular accessory and one of the best ways of self-expression. Therefore, if you feel that you are ready to join the jewelry world, the great option for you would be starting your own business. 

Due to the recent events in the world, it is reasonable to choose an online form for your business. Online workflow gives a needed possibility to provide business anytime and anywhere; so, you do not depend on quarantine conditions. In addition, you save money because you do not need to keep a large staff and rent a placement. Furthermore, online shopping attracts more and more people all over the world due to its convenience and speed. 

It is necessary to elaborate a strategy when you decide to start an online jewelry business. The site will help you to cope with that.    

How to Start 

There are some mandatory steps, which you should follow to start jewelry a business: 

  • Familiarize yourself with jewelry features. You need to be sure that you want to work in this direction. It would be useful to explore the process of jewelry creation and read about the experience of other online jewelry stores like World Jewels, Avianne, or Madewell.  
  • Make market research. It is essential to explore the competition level on the market to get a possibility to create an original business. Additionally, you have to define basic market requests. 
  • Choose a niche. There is a wide variety of jewelry types; so, you should select what type would be in your priority. It would be smart to start with one niche not to scatter attention:
  • Bijouterie 
  • Handmade accessories 
  • Middle-class jewelry 
  • Determine your target audience. It is necessary to know who are your potential customers and discover their requirements, preferences, and wishes. This information will help you to understand what jewelry and in what amount you should offer to receive money. To provide a successful advertising campaign, you should consider the price segment and basic design of your products (classic style, vintage, modern forms, etc.).    
  • Develop a website. Elaborate an alluring design and carry a simple menu and site structure. It is better to hire IT specialists with ready-made solutions (HTML code, qualitative content, site navigation, SEO). An online jewelry store should give clients the information about:
  • goods collection 
  • prices
  • partners 
  • promotions
  • contacts 

What E-Commerce Business Model to Choose 

There is a diversity of different business models for your jewelry store. You should consider all your interests and expectations from this deal and select the most appropriate model from the list:

  • Production of your own goods. Jewelry manufacturing demands a lot of time and finances. Additionally, it is necessary to find reliable and professional masters who can craft your goods. However, every effort will be justified by the creation of unique accessories. Moreover, you will get the possibility to realize your own ideas. 
  • Cooperation model. You can collaborate with jewelry manufacturers and other stores. This model frees you from all production difficulties and ensures additional support. Nevertheless, you will not be independent in your business and will not be able to regulate the quality level of products.
  • Dropshipping. This model is one of the most convenient on the e-commerce market due to its simplicity. Additionally, it does not demand a lot of investments. In fact, you become an intermediary between buyer and seller. However, this model does not assume having your own store. Dropshipping is rather assistance to other stores and producers. 

When you start an online jewelry business, pay attention to the strategy elaboration. The business plan is the most important at the first stages of any business running. Of course, find one-thinkers to transform all business difficulties into adventures.    

Basic Dental Prevention Saves Lives

Do you put on a seat belt when you drive? If so, why? My guess is that it is either because you are compelled to do so by law, or (if you live in the U.S.) you believe the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), who claim that seat belts save about 13,000 lives a year, nationwide. The few seconds it takes you to snap on your seat belt buckle reduces the chance of dying in a car crash by 45%, and of being injured by about half. Nevertheless, seat belts are not likely to play a big role in saving your life, because chances are you won't find yourself in a serious automobile accident. Let's face it, fortunately, most people never find themselves in that circumstance. On the other hand, gum disease (either gingivitis or periodontal disease) affects up to 80 percent of the population. In other articles, you may have heard that periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults.

The shocking reality is that this is probably the least notable consequence of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a significant risk factor for stroke, heart disease, certain respiratory problems, low birth-weight infants, and some forms of cancer. While very few people will die in a car crash, a great deal more will die from a heart attack, stroke, or cancer. Addressing periodontal disease via preventive techniques can significantly reduce your chances of dying from any one of these afflictions. If this simple logic is not enough to convince you of the need to brush after meals, floss daily and eat a healthy diet, it may help you to know that over the past few decades, there have been hundreds of peer-reviewed medical studies published in journals showing periodontal disease to be a risk factor for heart attacks. While periodontal disease is certainly not the only factor in the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases or cancer, there is definitely a link. The modern thinking regarding the connection has to do with the long-term inflammatory nature of gum disease. In simple terms, periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the gums and bone supporting the teeth. As with most any infection in the body, this leads to inflammation. Often having no symptoms that are detectable by the patient, bacteria from periodontal disease can affect blood vessels on the walls of your heart. If you have gum disease, the bacteria can easily invade the blood stream through one of many open portals. Let's face it, it is a relatively short trip from the mouth to the heart after all. Bacteria in the blood may also stimulate liver production of C-reactive proteins and fibrinogen. Both these substances have been linked to heart attacks.

Persons who successfully treated their periodontal disease have also been shown to experience improved cholesterol levels and demonstrated lowered blood pressure. Most readers will recognize these as factors frequently associated with cardiovascular disease. Browse this site while we generally don't hesitate to snap on a seat belt because it may save our lives, not enough of the population understand that oral health basics save more lives than buckling-up! Added benefits? Saving teeth (which leads to better digestion and less need for heartburn medications), fresher breath, and avoiding painful toothaches or complicated dental procedures -- which also translates to more dollars in your pocket.

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